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Picos de Europa 08-2013

really wanted to go on an Expedition before starting work on a cruise liner again, so I decided to follow Gaelan again. This time, we went to Spain, more precisely to Calabria.
So I joined this year’s Picos expedition, which tried to connect two caves at -1000 meter. It was an English expedition, but with a huge Irish involvement, so I had the pleasure to cave with a lot of frinds.

the Pozu del XINTU Cover Picture Aven

As I could just stay the first 10 days of the exped, I wasn’t photographing a lot.
Instead of, I took part in the groups rigging down to Camp I at -600m.
Among others, Gaelan and me had the honor to rig the Flat Iron Shaft during a 17 hour bounce-trip. This massive elliptic pit leads 180m straight down the earth and ends in the Eton Palace, a vast chamber 20 minutes from Camp I. This pit is that deep, that even with Gaelans new Scurian we couldn’t make out the bottom of Eton Palace until we descended quite a bit.
It is a shame that I had to leave early and therefore was not involved in the actual exploring, but none the less, I’m glad that I was able to make it out to Calabria and spend 10 adventures days in the stunning mountain landscape of the Picos de Europa.

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