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Papua NewGuinea 2015, a Review

Some time passed by, since we returned from Papua NewGuinea. Like so often, the real life cachet up faster then we hoped.
Finally I found the time to write down some results which will be followed by other articles.

The Expedition

Like reported I headed out to Papua NewGuinea in December 2015. There I joined the second caving expedition into the Darrai Plateau (Southern Highland Province). traditional dress
A team of 14 cavers accompanied by a camp-manager went out to explore caves of in the up to 1200m high Darrai Plateau.
Like 2011 (as reported) we set up our Base-camp In Fogoma’iu the ‘capital’ of the Kosuar Tribe. From there we started our excursions into the pathless Pinnacle Karst to find the one, ongoing cave beneath the plateau.
In small groups we explored 32 caves and mapped over 8 Km of new passages.

A tribute to all helping hands

If you joined a big expedition like this once you won’t be surprised that a major project like this can’t be done without a lot of help from many helping hands and companies. They supported us with valuable information, digitalized the rare maps, donated money or needed equipment.
Surface 4 Ahead of everyone else we need to thank MPOWERD which donated 40 of their solar powered Luci-Lights. Most of them were donated to the village at our departure. Microsoft and HP helped us with some tablets and Surfaces. That enabled us to interpret the data in the field.
For the important communication between the teams and the base-camp we got help as well; Two satellite phones from private hands and two InReach Explorer devices from Globale Safetrack Europe.
Many others which can’t all be named here helped to let this successful expedition happen.

A huge thank you to all supporters!

Camera Equipment

Pentax K-5 II As Photographer I am happy that Pentax (Ricoh Imaging Germany) for who I am ambassador supported us with one of their K-3 II camera bodies. It completed my own equipment and helped to produce the countless expedition pictures.
Like my K-5 II the K-3 II body is water resistant and thus ideal for the high humidity and temperature of the tropic.
The improved video function produced a lot of our HD footage and the new Pixel-Shift-System helped to create high quality pictures. Needles to say that both cameras worked excellent.


thanks to the
Papua NeuGuinea Expedition 2015/16 team

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