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France again

Time and again, I find myself in France. And that not only because of their culinary art, but also for their stunning caves.
We (my local Club) spend a good week in the French Jura to visit some fine caves.

there is no bad weather

temporary Spring
Even with continuous rain, our holiday was great. OK, we couldn’t visit some caves because of the high water-level, but therefore we could observe some rare Karst-water-phenomena.
Above all some springs and wells which are only active in bad weather conditions. Some of these springs don’t have a constant swell. They rather have a regular water-pulse created by the cave’s ‘architecture’.

new and well known caves Creux Serre

Everywhere in the caves we could observe the constant rain. In the Malatiere e.g. we found some filled gours and deep pools which we haven’t observed so far.
As we were not going to have big trips, we visited a lot of smaller caves far away of the normal cave tourism. Nearly all of them where new to us, so no one really bothered about the lack of long 8h+ trips.

always fascinating

Like so often before it occurred to us that these small caves are as interesting as the big ones and well worth a visit.
Sporting climbs and traverses, nice walks to the caves and pristine Formations turned our visit into a great experience.

thanks to the Team:
of the HKFS

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