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training for something big

As we plan to go deep this summer SRT training is what we need.

this year’s expeditions

Beside the annual Dachstein Expedition (Austria) I will take part in an expedition to Albania. Both trips will lead deep into caves (eg. What have you got pot, Dachstein, -850m). For that we exercise our SRT skills in local, vertical caves. The caves are rather small, but they still give us a good bit of training.

Testing new equipment customised tackle bags

Beside the training, going underground gives us the opportunity to test and improve new equipment and techniques. Since the last trips we use self-made flash-tackle-bags to speed up photography in pitches. They will enable us to make pictures of vertical passages in a decent time.

‘new’ caves

Our caving-trips lead us to many small caves which we didn’t knew before. We obviously make pictures in these caves as the majority of these objects are quite pretty. So this systematic training does not only get us in shape, it also gets us to know our smaller, local caves.

thanks to the team
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One Thought on “training for something big

  1. Noel Cleave on 8. August 2017 at 15:21 said:

    Dear Axel,

    My name is Noel Cave and I have been a caver since 1953. As an active (still!) member of the Wessex Cave Club I am the editor and publisher of the Wessex Cave Club Journal. Duncan Simey, who is also a member and friend, says that you were the main photographer on the Ario Caves Project and that Duncan himself may be a subject on many of your photographs.

    Would it be possible for you to permit me to publish some of these Ario photographs in the Wessex journal? I understand that there is a legal “Copyright” issue as you are professionally sponsored with cameras and equipment, but you would, naturally, be credited for any of your photographs.

    Amongst our cave photographers who contribute to the journal is Mark Burkey, who you may well know.

    Our journal is a full-colour, high quality production (printed in Germany). I publish 5 a year and the distribution is around 380. It also goes to the NSS in the USA. I can easily send you some back-issues if you would like to see some (but I don’t see an address on your web-site).

    With best wishes,

    Noel Cleave

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