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System-Tests in France

Even if it was quiet here at AHjourney.de, there was a lot going on in the last months…


I have a new camera-body since last June: The Pentax K-1. The body has the usual Pentax-K-Series sealing. Thus it is perfectly suited for the fight against cave mud and humidity. It has some nice new functions, but it is the full format sensor which makes the real difference. The quality of the pictures in the slideshow should tell the story best.

Besides the new body, there are several new gun-fierers and two ‚Flash-Bags‘ which will make life easier in caves.

2014-04-franz-jura_003 Tests in France

As we needed to test the equipment properly, we went to France for some caving. Happy that we found a good excuse for our four day trip, we decided to do two classics of the France Jura: The 210m deep Gouffre de la Légarde and the Pourpevelle. In the later, we didn’t go for the well known Reseau Sued but into the not so much frequented Reseau Nord.


With the –nearly- alpine style main pitch series, the Légarde is perfect for SRT training. But as we where only three cavers making pictures was a hard task. At the bottom of the big chamber, we decided to squeeze through the sporting boulder-choke. This brought us into the lower levels. The following gallery is well worth the effort and some nice pictures were taken.

A Crossing

The next day we went to the Pourpevelle. It would have been dry enough to pass the half-siphon leading to the Galerie Blanche. However, we decided against it. Instead we went for the Reseau North. As this is not the main route, there are no bolts here. One has to bring at least 15 Spit-hangers for the 30m crossing over the 40m pitch. Once crossed the flat wall, you’ll find yourself in the first of two chambers. Both of them are well decorated with up to 3m high calcite-pillars. Descending the interesting 40m pitch brings you into a spacious passage. Here you find everything a caver likes: Big open passage, calcite formations, lixivation-profiles and even some muddy crawls.

To sum it up

we had a marvellous trip into some fascinating caves. Ahh and obviously, the equipment coped well… ;D

thanks to
Julia and Lukas (HKFS)

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