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Pentax K-5 II
Cave photography

Making pictures in Caves is challenging. Here I will publish know how around this wide topic.
From the camera over flash-synchronization and theory, by and by this rubric will be filled with worth knowing information, so keep visiting.

System-Tests in France 18.05.2017

Even if it was quiet here at AHjourney.de, there was a lot going on in the last months…
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training for something big 16.07.2016

As we plan to go deep this summer SRT training is what we need.
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Caving season 2015 07.05.2015

finally, the caves in my area are open again after the annually winter-closure-time. There will be exciting tours this year, not only in my area.
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Lenses for caves Part 2 22.02.2015

Last time, we had a look at the inner parts of the Lens (F-Stop/ Aperture).
This time, we will look at the outside and consider how to avoid mud and sand in the optic.
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Lenses for caves Part 1 08.12.2014

Lately, people started to ask, which lens they should use for caves. So I decided to do a series on that topic.
Selection criteria: Focal length and lens speed
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Tripod head 06.07.2014

For the beginning of the caving season in Germany I had to maintain and repaired my photo-gear, including my tripod and the tripod-head with its quick-release-plate.
A chance to spend some time on that topic.
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