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The Karst area of Austria is quite vast. It stretches from Salzburg right up to the high Dachstein.

  • Untersberg
  • Dachsteinmassiv

Dachstein Expedition 2016 13.10.2016

Like last year, I took part in the international caving expedition to the Dachstein Massive in Austria.
During this expedition, we came closer to connect the plateau with the Hirlatz cave. This connection into the over 100Km long master cave is one of the main goals of the expedition
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Dachstein Sommer Expedition 2015 15.10.2015

Dachstein Summer Expedition 2015
I stayed 3 weeks in the scenic Dachstein Mountains to join this year’s Dachstein Summer Expedition
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Hirlatzhöhle 02-2015 02.03.2015

After a one years breake, the English Dachstein-Expedition-Team returned into Hirlatzhöhle. Like last time, I was able to join them to find a dry connection over the Oase-Sump in Sahara.
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Hirlatzhoele 02-2013 02.03.2013

This year’s first trip was led me to Sahra, the biggest chamber in the Dachstein. read more

Dachstein Expedition 08-2012 14.09.2012

When I had to cancel my original plan to join this year’s Krubera exped, it was Gealan who mentioned an interesting student exped to the Dachstein area in Austria…
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