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La grande Nation de Speleologie with it’s stunishing Karsteal areas and legendary Caves.

  • France Jura (dep. Comté & Jura)
  • Ardéché (dep. Ardéché & Gard)

System-Tests in France 18.05.2017

Even if it was quiet here at AHjourney.de, there was a lot going on in the last months…
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France again 26.05.2016

Time and again, I find myself in France. And that not only because of their culinary art, but also for their stunning caves.
We (my local Club) spend a good week in the French Jura to visit some fine caves.
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Ardèche & Gard 09-2014 23.12.2014

Frances home of Helictites
We spend two weeks in the lovely countryside and caves of the two Dèpartementes in the South of France. read more

Baudine Calls 05-2014 06.07.2014

a bank holiday, but where to go? The decision was easy: back to the France Jura.
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Ardèche and Gard, 09-2012 23.10.2012

France was calling again. We spent two weeks at the border of the Departementes Ardèche and Gard. Beside the obligatory Ardèche Valley canoe trip, we visited a number of caves, which are famous for their stunning Helicoids.
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