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Thinking of Ireland, one imagines rather sheep, butter and leprechauns, but that’s a mistake…

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across Ireland 08-2015 26.09.2015

Again Ireland. This times main target: the Papua NewGuinea’s Exped training weekend. And once in Ireland why not visiting some other caves?
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SUICRO 2014 23.11.2014

following an invitation, I visited the 50th Irish Speological Symposium in co. Tipperary.
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Fermanagh Sept. 2014 15.09.2014

once again, I found myself in one of Irelands big Karst-areas. Besides my photographic journey upstream the Shannon, I obviously visited some caves. read more

Caves around Blacklion 12-2013 10.02.2014

Again, I travelled to Ireland to spend 10 days of caving. This time I managed to bring some photo equipment with me, which we used quite a bit. read more

SUICRO 2012 and caves in Yorkshire Dales 26.11.2012

Like last year, I flew over to Ireland to join this year’s SUICRO.
After the symposium, we travelled over to Yorkshire Dales for a short caving trip.
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