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Papua NewGuinea

I joined the Irish Caving Expedition from 10.12.2011 till 09.01.2012 to Papua NewGuinea, more precisely to the southern Highlands near the Mt. Bosavi.

There, our team of 7 Cavers explored 25 caves and surveyed over 6km of new cave passages in only 21 days.

Papua NewGuinea 2015, a Review 08.04.2016

Some time passed by, since we returned from Papua NewGuinea. Like so often, the real life cachet up faster then we hoped.
Finally I found the time to write down some results which will be followed by other articles.
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Papua NewGuinea -first Impression 29.01.2016

3 weeks back home from the second Irish Caveing Expedition to Papua NewGuinea.
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PNG Trailer online 04.08.2015

It took us a lot of work, but finally we released the official trailer for our Papua NewGuinea Expedition.
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Wildlife of Papua NewGuinea 12-2011 14.01.2012

Wildlife in New Guinea is quite incredible, with dozens of rare and exotic species living in the rainforest. A lot of them only come out during the night so humans won’t see them, but you could hear them. read more

the Rainforest and Jungle Camps 12-2011 14.01.2012

With its high humidity and temperature, walking through the Rainforest can be hard work. The ‘Main Roads’ connecting the villages and huts in the middle of the jungle are, in reality, nothing more than small jungle tracks. read more

Village and Basecamp 12-2011 14.01.2012

Welcome to Fogoma’iu, one of the most remote villages in Papua New Guinea.
These photos are of the village where we made our base camp, and the people we met while on this caving expedition. They also show how the Kosuar tribe celebrate special occasions, including their ‘SingSing’. read more